Ok. The title can be a little misleading… We aren’t talking about what you get for Christmas, or for your birthday, but GIFTS. Like the ones from God. Still a little confused? Talents. The things we can do well. And yes WE, cause we ALL have them. 
Tabitha is great at writing, I am good at singing, my friend Emma is an amazing dancer, and Lauren’s great at violen, and Grace, well, she is amazing at the Ukulele.  

So I just listed one for each person. But do each of us only have just ONE talent? No! I could go on and on for each of the people I listed. 
So, why should we talk about them?
Great question. 

We should talk about gifts, because we need to know what to do with them. But first we are going to take a little quiz. 
If you don’t think you have any special talent raise your hand. Ok, you. Put your hand down. Down. Keep going. There we go! And you think this because…..?

Cause I’m not particularly good at anything. 

Is that what you answerd? Cause if so, go read that first paragraph again. 

We. All. Have. Gifts. 

So mr/ms. I-don’t-have-any-gifts, put your thinking cap on (sorry, I work with kids… Your brain helmet then?) and put your reading eyes in, and well…. Read. Even if you think you aren’t good at anything, trust me–you are. I know many people who are amazing at something but they say they aren’t because they compare themselves to others. 

Who cares if Bob can do 7 back handsprings. Be really proud of yourself that you can do three! (I can’t even do one, guys.)
You have too much talent. 

But Jaden, what if I am really not good at anything?

1. Re-read the first paragraph. 

2. Everyone is good at things, wether it’s a sport, an activity, maybe you are really good at doing hair, or maybe you can do school really well and you get really good grades. Or maybe you are like me, and you are good at things you just don’t think so. Or maybe you just haven’t gotten to that point yet, like you haven’t tried that sport, or you haven’t tried that instrument, or maybe you just don’t want people knowing. The real question is what do I do with my gifts. 

A lot of people will tell you “do what you love, love what you do.” Yeah I agree with that 100%, but do everything to the glory of God. 

Ok let’s put it in these terms:
Bob is a good soccer player. So Bob decides to try out for the school team. He makes it! And he makes goals every game, and he helps gets his team to Nation Competition! At Nationals, he is interviewed on the sports network for TV! The reporter asked him why he is doing all of this, and Bob answers; “because God gave me the gift to play soccer, and I will use it to give Him the glory.” 
See, we can honour God with what we do. So do what you love, love what you do, and do it to the glory of God. 

Written by Jaden; photo found online by Tabitha


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