“She’s as cool as a cucumber.” You’ve probably heard that phrase before. In my experience, cucumbers are only cool if they’ve been in the fridge. But hey, I’m not a cucumber expert; who am I to say? 

I am, however, a Whovian. I admit it; I am slightly very into Doctor Who–the British science fiction show that’s possibly one of the best shows ever. And the eleventh doctor (played by Matt Smith) has one of the coolest quotes in the history of Doctor Who. 
You see, this doctor is famous for his fashion sense. He’s known for wearing a fez, a stetson, and/or a bow tie. And when questioned about his apparel, he gives a sly grin and replies:

“Bow ties are cool.”
It instantly became possibly the most well-known Doctor Who quote. Loved for its simplicity and defiance, flying in the face of fashion, the saying is available as a ringtone, wallpaper, bumper sticker, jewellery, t shirt, coffee mug…you name it. 
So why is Eleven (Smith) admired so much for stating the truth? I believe I already mentioned that it defiantly flew in the face of fashion and simply acknowledged that this article of clothing–previously loved mostly by nerds and geeks–is actually, really, quite cool. 

Here’s the thing. People like rebellion. People like shows of defiance. People like statements like “Bow ties are cool, and that’s MY opinion.” So WHY are people so objectionable to us defiantly and rebelliously sharing something with them that’s much cooler than bow ties–the gospel? I don’t know. I don’t have the answer to that. All I know is, we have overcome the world (1 John 4:4). Yes, some will reject us for proudly wearing our bow ties–er, sharing the gospel. I know that rejection is a huge thing that holds us back from fearlessly flaunting our bow ties. Er, the gospel. But we shouldn’t be ashamed of the gospel of Jesus Christ. Right? Right. Sometimes having the gospel means giving it away, despite the hate and rejection. 
Cause, haters gonna hate. 
“Bow ties are cool.” Well, I have a new quote for you. Something even cooler than a bow tie. Something just as defiant and rebellious. “Jesus is cool.” “God is cool.” “Loving is cool.” “Modesty is cool.” “Purity is cool.” And all these things are much cooler than a bow tie. That’s saying something, cause bow ties are really cool. And don’t get me started on fezzes.  

Written by Tabitha; photo found online by Tabitha


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