You’ve got to be passionate about something. Everyone is. In fact, your passions don’t need to be limited to one thing, much like talents (see our earlier post entitled “Gifts”). And while your talents and passions work together, they’re not the same thing; you should use your talents, your special abilities, to achieve your goals and work toward your passions. 

Everyone’s passion(s) are different; some girls are passionate about the environment, some about people in need, some about changing lives, some about changing the world. And yes, everyone has a passion. Hey, you wanna know something cool? You wanna know GOD’S PASSION?

Don’t roll your eyes at me. Of course He has passions. One of His passions is definitely love. He just loves to love. God loves the world. (John 3:16) God loves you. God loves your friends. One of his other passions is comforting people. He also loves it when you talk about Him to friends and other unbelievers. He loves it when you’re brave enough to witness to folks. And He LOOOOOVES it when someone gets saved. He LOOOOOOVES a new addition to His heavenly family. 
You know another of His passions?


Think about it. He put so much effort into making you so beautiful. He gave you so many talents and passions of your own. In fact, He’s so passionate about you, He died for you. DIED FOR YOU. 

“What can I do in return for this amazing passion and love He gives me?” you ask. 

Glad you asked. Ahem. I want you to answer the following questions. Yes, answer them. If not, think about them. Until you can answer them. 

 1. What are your passions?

 2. What are your talents?

 3. Are you passionate about God? (I mean, He’s sure passionate about you.)

 4. How can you use your talents to help achieve your passions? (Which should include God in some way.)

Ok…thanks for reading. Comment/like!! Thanks!

Written by Tabitha; photo found online by Jaden


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