Bob loves Christmas. He spends all December in a state of anxious anticipation. On December 1, he starts bugging his parents to put up the tree. By December 15, his room is decorated with handmade paper angels and pipe cleaner-candy canes. He even sends Christmas cards to his bemused classmates. He doesn’t sleep a wink on Christmas Eve, and Christmas morning he sneaks downstairs to gaze at the tree…and what’s under it. The presents. He’s waited 365 days for this. To rip open the paper and uncover the toy/gadget/this year’s hot gift that Santa kindly left him. 

Well, that’s everyone’s favorite part, isn’t it? Even the grown ups. There is nothing like finally getting to see what everyone got you. But WAITING. That’s the hardest part. If you claim to get to sleep instantly on Christmas Eve, then you’re lying. Sorry. Jesus still loves you anyway. 

Where was I? Oh yeah. Waiting. Having patience. Ughhhhhhhh. Honestly I’m probably not the best person to be writing a post about patience. I can be an impatient person. I’m sure you can too. (Just say yes.) “Yes, Tabitha, I can too.” (Thank you.)

Do you know why? (Say no.) “No, why?” That’s funny. I don’t either. I guess it’s just human nature to want things instantly. I mean, we have a Taco Bell express, for crying out loud. We’re only here on this earth for a very short time anyway. 

Sorry guys–but God doesn’t operate on that same hurried schedule. He takes his time. He’s been around forever and he will be around forever. He’s got all the time in the world. And then some. 

I’m sure you’ve heard this before–when you pray and ask God for something, he gives three answers–sometimes yes. Sometimes no. And sometimes maybe. 

Or sometimes–wait. Sometimes he is trying to get across to you that you should just BE PATIENT. Are you 13 years old and praying for a boyfriend? There’s nothing wrong with praying for your future husband. In fact that’s something good to start doing. But pleading with God to send you a boyfriend, like, TOMORROW–hold up. How old are you?! Do you REALLY think God’s just gonna be like “Sure, he’ll be here tomorrow by 3”? I mean. That sounds like a Wait-and-be-patient thing to me.  

And being patient and entrusting God with your future? Entrusting him with what college you’ll choose? What career you’ll choose? What you’ll choose to do this Saturday night? That takes guts, girl. Guts and lots of faith. Guts, lots of faith, and TONS of patience. 

But God will reward you for choosing his way. God’s way is always, always better. Always. It may mean losing a friend, but God is your eternal, bestest of the best friend. 


Fully Rely On God. Rely on his plan. Rely on his wisdom. Rely on his friendship. Trust him. Follow him with all the guts, faith and patience you’ve got. 

Thank you guys. Keep liking, commenting and following. Y’all rock. 

Post and photo by Tabitha. 


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