Ok so through out this blog we have been talking about many different things that you ARE. Now lets change it up a little and talk about what you can DO.
Have you ever heard someone use the excuse “Because I can”? I have, and it is really annoying to me to hear that. 

ME: Why did you just knock down Kate’s tower?

Little Child I work With: Because I can.


But ANYways….. In the United States we are SO blessed that we have all the opportunities we do, like clean running water, or shoes on our feet, or a roof over our head. But heres another thing that we forget we are privileged to. You ready? (Yes Jaden.) Ok, good.

We have the privilege to worship our God.

We have the FREEDOM to worship our GOD.

Even though we may get made fun of for it, even though we may get judged for it, and even if we won’t have that many friends because of it.

We have the privilege to worship our God. So now you’re probably asking me, why should I do that? 

(No I wasn’t. ) <Oh hush, its called being poetic.> (No its not) <UGH>

We should do that because…

God made you. He formed YOU. He send His son to die for you. HE. LOVES. YOU. So we love because He first loved us, and we worship Him because He has done all these things for us. 

Lets talk about WAYS to worship shall we? There are MANY different ways to go about this subject. (Yeah theres music and prayer and-) <Im about to get to those stop being such a smart person! Be normal!……On second thought… don’t be normal. Normal is boring… ANYways….>

So to list a few: Theres Prayer, music, reading the Bible, Talking to others about Him, and Giving your life to Him, and MANY MANY more.

But since I’m Jaden, I just HAVE to tie this in with other posts so…. 

We can worship God with our gifts He has given us.

And because we have the privilege, we can worship, because we can.

Jaden OUT!!!!!
(Why do you always say ‘Jaden out”?)

<Because I can.>


^^Bad example. Don’t do that. 


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