You’ve probably heard the term everybody is different. Well it’s true! Everyone is different. Everyone was made differently. But that doesn’t stop us from being Gods children. No. Even though we have different qualities we are still His. Growing up it was hard for me to make friends because I am really really really really weird. Just ask Tabitha she’ll say I am.

And there’s nothing wrong with being different, sometimes it’s actually the best thing to be. Think about this, what if every single girl in the United States was 5’3″, had blonde hair, blue eyes, was a cheerleader, and likes the color pink. 

I am cringing as I write that.

 But anyways, you get the point. It’s good to be different. I mean they say opposites do attract don’t they? That’s so true though. For me I’m a really really kind of messy person. As in messy room, messy hair, and it’s more then likely I’m just gonna wear ripped up jeans and an old T-shirt most the time. But Tabitha? She is a total neat freak. And I mean this in a GOOD way! And we ended up being friends. Or what about my other friends? You really think they are the same as me and Tabitha? No.

But let’s get real for a minute. 

How do you think we should live to show Christ in our actions with out being different?

We need the difference so people see that we are His. So others can see him though us. 

We need to be different FOR Christ, not FROM Christ. 

>>Jaden out.<<


Written by Jaden. Photo found online by Tabitha. It’s probably copy written. If so I apologize. It’s a very cool picture. So we’re going to use it in our post. 


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