I am a very selfish person. I love talking about myself. I get mad at a certain young sibling (not naming names) when she touches my stuff. I HATE it when I don’t get the credit I deserve (or think I deserve). I hate it when people don’t think I’m the best at something. I love to brag about stuff I do and stuff I have. And did I mention how much I love talking about myself?Lately I’ve been telling myself to ask other people how THEY are before I start talking about me. It usually leads to a more meaningful conversation than a one-sided monologue about my weekend. 🙂

And the ironic thing is how much I hate selfish people. Well, no, not the PEOPLE. Just their ATTITUDE. When someone doesn’t care about how I feel about something, it drives me crazy. 

“Gee, I have feelings too,” I’ll think, disgruntled. Or, “Wow, seriously? You’re not the only person in the world. The earth doesn’t REVOLVE AROUND YOU.” Unfortunately the earth doesn’t revolve around me either. Ugh. Oh well. 

Oh drat, there I go again being selfish. You know you do it too. Stop judging me. There’s not one person alive who hasn’t been selfish before. OH YEAH EXCEPT THAT ONE. What was his name? That’s right. JESUS. And the Bible tell us to give cheerfully, attend church willingly, and give our undivided time to helping others. That sounds pretty unselfish to me. The first believers from the early church were willingly selling all they had and sharing joyfully among them, and giving everything to the poor. 

Cruuuuuud. Doesn’t that just make you feel so good about yourself. Me too. Don’t feel bad. 

My point is, Jesus was the ultimate unselfish person. Since we strive to be like him in every other aspect of life we should strive to be like him in this aspect. 

Next week we’ll talk more about unselfishness and how Jesus made the ultimate selfless sacrifice for you (and me and all the rest of y’all…even the really selfish people you know). 

Is selfishness a big problem for you? Realizing that you are selfish and asking for help from the Lord is the first step. Know that you’ll be forgiven as long as you ask for forgiveness. (See our earlier post entitled Forgiveness.) If you’re a selfish person, know that it’s ok and it’s not the end of the world but also know that it’s a much better feeling when you’re selfless. Giving of yourself always makes you happier than having stuff or talking about yourself. Jesus took the ultimate sacrifice when he died on the cross and although you’ll probably never have to go through something like that being selfless and kind to others is close enough. 


 Post and photo by Tabitha–the photo is of a Christian rock band called Red! 😊 P.S. Our friend Grace helped by writing bits and pieces. 


3 thoughts on “Selfish 

  1. I struggle with selfishness. God has really been bringing that to my attention and still I fail. Lots to work on for me and asking for God to help. Wonderful article.


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