Dear people of WordPress:

We sincerely apologize for any inconvenience the following excuse may cause. But we have been, quite frankly, too busy to write a blog post. To those of you who have started to look forward to these weekly posts, again, our apologies. 

On Friday jaden came over to my house and said, “Hey, what are we doing for the blog this week?”

I fainted. When I came to about fifteen minutes later, she repeated the question. 

“I forgot about the blog,” I admitted, deeply inhaling smelling salts. “And this week is your turn!”

“I have finals,” she said innocently. As if a test could get her out of this. (Really its just a test. I mean sure, it decides whether or not you would be able to go into High School, but no big deal! Oh… I get it now……… Yeah I guess thats a good excuse….)


I still felt nauseous, but stood up and shouldered the responsibility of humbly apologizing to you wonderful people that we had forgotten about you. That is the truth, plain and simple, but thankfully Jesus offers forgiveness to everyone, even losers like us. (Check out our earlier post entitled Forgiveness.)

Anyway, again, our deepest apologies to all y’all. We will post next week. Thank you. As always, like and comment!


Tabitha R. 

Co-blogger, You are Priceless Blog


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