Sometimes when you’re tired, you just need a nap. Or a full-fledged sleep. Sometimes by 8 at night I’m so tired that I could climb into bed and sleep till noon. Sometimes that kind of tiredness can be cured by a couple winks of sleep and then you’re good to go. Until the next evening, that is. 

But another kind of tiredness can’t be cured by sleep. People out there are literally dying of boredom. They have no aim or plan for their life. And other people out there are just so tired of life. Tragically, many are tired of living. 
Some Christians are tired of God. I know I’ve been like that before–sick and tired of God and church and Jesus 24/7. But I like seeing people realize that God isn’t boring. Life as a Christian is just as full of adventures and trials as life as a non Christian.

Anyway, I digress. (That had nothing to do with the original point, did it? Sorry…I apologize…) as I was saying…

Sadly, people are tired of life. People are tired of living. They have no passion. No reason to be alive. I can just imagine God looking at these people and saying sadly, “If only you knew how much I love you and the plans I’ve got for you.”

So? What are you supposed to do about it?

You could start by letting these hopeless folks know that there IS HOPE! Let the aimless people know that God has A PLAN! Let the sad ones know that God is a God OF JOY! And let the lifeless people know about the gift of ETERNAL LIFE! 

All right, well, hope that helped you with something. Or at least entertained you. Now I need a nap. Writing that post made me tired. 


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