Howdy all!

So this is Jaden. Since yesterday was Mothers Day, and we were all thankful for our moms, I thought I might say a bunch of the things I’m thankful for, not just my family.

1.I am so thankful for all my friends and family, they are always encouraging me to do better and to go harder.

2.Im thankful that I live in a country were i can pray to and worship my God freely.

3.I’m thankful for books. They are the best!

4.I’m thankful for food, and clean water!

5.I’m thankful for all the opportunities I get.

But one of the things that I’m thankful for the most, is YOU. 

God made you with a plan, He made you who you are, and He knows all you do and have done and will do. So if that means reading next weeks blog post [Which I hope it will 🙂  ]  then it will happen. 
 You take time out of your day to read this little thing we call a blog, and thats awesome to us!!! 

So thank YOU!!!

In the comments say something that YOU are thankful for! 

Jaden OUT!!!

Post by jaden, photo by tabitha


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