Past tense

“Jesus was a good man.”
“Jesus was the saviour of the world.” 
How many times do you hear people–even Christians–say stuff like that? You may have thought nothing of it. But notice–what do those sentences have in common?

“They both mention Jesus?”

Nice try, smart aleck. 

“Oh I know. They’re both in past tense.”

As my youth leader would say, BINGO! People tend to talk about Jesus as if he was just another important historical figure. He WAS an important historical figure. (And that’s a good tactic in apologetics–but that’s an article for another week!) But he was more than just another George Washington or Martin Luther. (Sorry George and Martin) He was Jesus. OOPS. He IS Jesus. Nothing changed between the cross and the present day. Jesus is still Jesus. He was Jesus in 1830. He was Jesus in 1990. (Yes, in the ’90s. And the ’80s. And even the ’70s!) He was Jesus in 2001, and he is Jesus in 2016. He will be Jesus in 2020. He will be Jesus in 3000. JESUS IS JESUS AND THATS ALL JESUS COULD BE. Sorry didn’t mean to yell. 

The point is, Jesus is still very much alive, and very busy in the lives of people. Hopefully in your life. He didn’t just die and rise again and then take a 2,000 year vacation. (😂) He died, rose again, and spent 2,000 years saving lives and being Jesus. 

God’s not dead!

You are priceless! Have a great week! See ya next Monday!
~post and photo by Tabitha~


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