Howdy y’all! 
Jaden here. 

If you’re homeschooled like us, you will understand the conversation below: 


Random person: hey, so where do you go to school?

Me: actually I’m homeschooled. 

Them: so… Does that mean you don’t do school and get to lay around all day? 

Me: 😳

(((Tabitha: AMEN TO THAT 😳😳)))

Comment below if you know what I’m talking about! 

Anyways…. Homeschoolers, just like public schoolers, private schoolers, what ever type of schooler you are, have these things we call Stereotypes. 

Why? Cause the world judges before knowing, but that’s a blog post for another day. 

Now you’re probably asking, “Jaden, why do we need to know about stereotypes?” 

(Actually Jaden, I wasn’t.)

>>>>you know what reader your sass levels are OFF the chart.<<<<< 

((((((I’m just kidding guys. Breathe, and keep reading))))))

Anyways…. We need to know about these stereotypes because as Christians, we are given stereotypes. 

This may come as a shocker to you, but Adolf Hitler was a Christian. Now whether he really was or not is not on the table at the moment, but, some people see Christians as people who will force the Bible down their throats. That’s their stereotypical Christian. 

This is NOT the way we should act. 

Y’all, everyone has their own decisions. They have their own free will. 

When we plant the seed of God’s word into people, we shouldn’t bury it so deep, or over water it. We need to give it just the right amount of everything so it can grow. 

(((Tabitha: Aw! A gardening metaphor!)))

So we shouldn’t be that kind of stereotypical Christian. We should be the Christian that the Lord and His word tells us to be. 

In the world but not of it. 

Let’s make the un-stereotypical Christian become the Stereotype we want to be!

(((Tabitha: Oohh…that was deep.)))

Jaden out! Bye y’all! And remember, you are PRICELESS!

Post by Jaden; photo of Tabitha’s little sister, by Tabitha 


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