“God has a plan for you!” 

I don’t know what else to say in this post. It’s very self explanatory. God created the world with a plan in mind. God created you with a plan in mind. He knows what’s going to happen to you and he knew that from the start. He’s sticking to the plan. 

Do you have a plan for yourself? It’s ok if you don’t have very detail planned out (although I prefer to). But it’s hard to let God work through you if you don’t have any idea what you would like to do, or what you think his plan might be. To wait for and trust God is different from being a lazy bum. Christians are not called to be couch potatoes; Jesus tell us to be alert, aware, always ready, and to have a plan. As long as our plan aligns with God’s plan, then it’s all good 😊

So whenever you feel like you’re not going to get anywhere in life, remember: God has a plan for you!

Any thoughts on the subject? Leave a comment. We love reading your thoughts and comments! 

Post and photo by Tabitha


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