Jaden is back!

Note from Tabitha: Jaden just got back from a mission trip to Peru, where she helped out at a boys’ home.  For all the details, or if you want more info, just leave a comment and she’ll reply.  Or I’ll make her reply.  You know how it goes.


Hey guys! It’s Jaden! I’m FINALLY back home!

So my trip to Peru was amazing.

Let me tell you, being up close and personal with those kids… It’s just amazing what they do. They were so welcoming, I miss them already!

But anyway. Blog post.

Being on this trip really showed me something.

This lovely world that God had so amazingly given us, is so big. Yes, from outer space it may be small, but this world is so perfect. If we were any closer to the sun we would burn; any further away from it and we would freeze. Do you realize that our world was so perfectly created?

Ok, so being in the amazing and big world we’ve been given can sometimes make us feel small. Like,  when we were in Peru, our view was mountains. And the one day we went to Pisac (which is literally a mountain).

I know that I felt small.

But what is the purpose of mission trips?

To plant seeds.

We make a difference. No matter how small, no matter how big our world feels, through God, we make a difference.

If we change just one person, they can spread the Good News to others.

Being 5 feet exactly, being small is in my warehouse. Tabitha? Not much.

But I know I made a difference.

Ok, that’s it, I know, short post but I do have a life guys. (((Wait? She has a life???)))

I heard that reader.

Jaden out!

Adios mi amigos!


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