Good old Jaden forgot to write this post. So, again, Tabitha is stepping in with her exceptional writing skills and saving the day. 
(We love you Jaden!)

Jaden was supposed to write about something that happened on her mission trip to Peru. Since she didn’t, I will write about something that happened on MY mission trip. 

My youth group and I have gone with a group called World Changers two years in a row now. World Changers is a construction based mission trip, meaning that they use construction (repairing decks, painting, etc) as a bridge into people’s lives–often in big cities–to share the gospel with them. It’s so amazing, and if you ever get the chance to go on one of these trips, do! 

This year we went to Cincinnati, Ohio. I am a simple country girl. I dislike cities. But we got to take a walk through part of the city, on a pedestrian bridge over the Ohio River. The sun was just setting, and the scenery was actually pretty cool. The Cincinnati skyline is iconic. (So is the chili.) 

So we walked down the bridge. It was really great, despite the claustrophobic buildings rising all around me as soon as I stepped off the bridge. But while I was on the bridge, there was nothing but flowing water under my feet and bicyclists threatening to run me over. (Like, literally.)

We finished our walk and sat on these enormous stone stairs right on the riverbank. And we sat and stared. The water went by hypnotically and our youth leader almost fell asleep. 

Now you’re probably going, “Cool. What’s the point of this story? Is anything going to happen?” 

Nope. It’s just a relaxing story of a time that I was relaxed. In a park in the middle of a city. 

I’m going to leave you with these song lyrics from “Ain’t Nobody (Till You’re Loved)” by Sidewalk Prophets (album: Something Different.)
I’ve climbed up on a mountain top

Sat beside the sea

No matter where I climb, I set my sails

I realise under starry skies 

From my head down to my toes

I’m covered by Your love that never fails! 
Post and photo by Tabitha 


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