I’ve had to exercise a lot of patience with Jaden. Ever since we met she’s been rushing into trouble and I’ve been holding her back. We go perfectly together because i tell her that what she’s about to do is stupid, and then she tells me to get out.

Four hours later, I’m visiting Jaden in the emergency room…

Haha! Just kidding. That’s never actually happened. But I really have been patient with Jaden recently because she’s been too busy to write a post in several weeks. Almost a month. So every Sunday evening I”m scrambling to write something so we can stick to the schedule and publish on Monday. (As an aspiring editor, deadlines are important to me. *death glare at Jaden*) But you know what? We’re best friends. So what–I might roll my eyes at her. A lot. And she might tell me to shut up. Every time I open my mouth. But I’ll do all this posting for her until she returns to life. Which will hopefully be soon. 😀

The point is, I’m going to all this trouble every week and shouldering her half of the responsibility. Why? Because we’re friends. Because I love her. (Usually.) Because patience is a fruit of the spirit. Did you ever learn that fruits of the spirit song? “Love, joy, patience, kindness, goodness, faithfulness, gentleness and self-control! Hey!” I learned that one in Sunday School. It worked. I can still list all the fruits of the spirit. And I can still tell you that patience is the fourth fruit. A fruit of the spirit is something that the Holy Spirit should produce in you. It’s important that you stay patient with people who annoy you. Hey, you don’t know what’s going on in their lives. They could be having the worst day ever. So it’s kind of selfish to get impatient with them when they don’t do something right. And unselfishness should be an honorary fruit of the spirit. (See our earlier posts, Selfish and Selfless.)

So stay patient with those people in your life, and I’ll keep posting for Jaden. That’s what friends are for! 🙂


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