Peruvian Story Time With Jaden

Hey guys! So I’m back from Peru!!!!!!!
I want to share a story from my mission trip.

So let me start this off by saying where I went.

Cusco, Peru is about a two and a half hour plane ride from Lima, Peru (the capital city) and that’s about an 9 hour flight from Dulles Airport.

Since Peru is practically a mountain rage, we were helping a lot at this mountain (“Pisac”). Pisac is a mountain, but it also has a school/resort type thing on it and Daniel (the pastor) runs the church we helped, and the school/resort thing.

And so for a couple days we went over there to help work, clean up, take out a wall, and move a rock pile to a different rock pile.

And we did. Moving rock after rock we got it done.

We also had to cut down Eucalyptus trees and the workers and Daniel made fires.

Small, controlled fires that they do all the time while burning Eucalyptus trees.

So our team was done for the day and we were heading back to refill water bottles and about to get in the bus to go home.


Daniel sees a lot of smoke from one of the fires he set and RAN (and I mean he BOOKED it) across the field. No one really knew why until we looked up. And there it was, LOTS of grey and black smoke from the fire. All of a sudden our team rushes two ways. One direction to get the hose working and the other to get buckets.

We all make an assembly line and start putting this thing out before it becomes too dangerous.

While all this is happening you wanna know what I was thinking?

“Only you can prevent Forrest fires.” By no other than Smokey the LLAMA!*

Anyways. The moral of the story:

We were surrounded by mountains. And yeah, that made me feel extremely small, but it also made me realize that if I’m not careful… My actions…. My negligence… Can get others hurt. But if I follow the path God wants me to, then I know I can make a difference in this big big world full of us little people.

*NOTE FROM TABITHA: ok. I need smokey the fire llama in my life.

Post and photo by Jaden 


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