Beautiful (Remix!)

Aka: You Don’t Know You’re Beautiful

Hey y’all! It’s Jaden and it’s good to be back! But anyway. Blog post……..

Ok so we have all most likely heard that song by the 1Direction people

“Woah oh oh you don’t know you’re beautiful!”


That one.

Girls, let me tell you something.

Most of the time, I myself don’t feel beautiful.

But let me ask you something that might put things in perspective. How often do we rely on guys’ perspectives of us? Even subconsciously? Do we, as women, need a guy to tell us we are beautiful? I mean, complements are nice and all, but should we rely on a guys perspective of us?

No. We shouldn’t. But we do.

So the days we don’t “feel” pretty, or let alone BEAUTIFUL, are the days we can (AND SHOULD!!!) remember:

God, the most PERFECT being that has EVER been, and will EVER be, made you. And he made you beautiful.

And you know what? Beauty is only skin deep.  It’s nice and all, but that won’t help us in His kingdom.

Proverbs 31:30 says “Charm is deceitful and beauty is vain, but the fear of the Lord is to be praised.”

So yeah, I know I’m beautiful, but I also know that God loves me however I am. Whatever I look like. Whatever background I have.

I hope you realize your worth girls!

*OBLIGATORY NOTE FROM TABITHA: Wow!  I love this post.  And if you enjoyed it, don’t forget to check out our VERY FIRST POST!!!  It’s called Beautiful; just type it in the search bar.  You know the drill.

From left to right: Tabitha’s guitar, Tabitha, Jaden, Jaden’s guitar.  Aren’t we beautiful?  😀

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