Wow, so far we’ve done Talent, Gifts and now Skills. You would think we’d be done with the topic!

But we’re not.

There’s a lot of stuff you’re probably really bad at.

Maybe you’re terrible at writing. Hey, don’t feel bad. It’s not everyone’s thing.

Maybe you’re terrible at singing. Hey, don’t feel bad. Even Jaden is starting to realize that I can’t sing.

You may be bad at sports. Ironically, in our society, which pretends to be “accepting” and “loving” of everyone, if you can’t play sports, some people consider you lazy, retarded, and nerdy. *

Yeah, I don’t play sports. (I exercise in other more refined ways.) ** I may be those things.

No, back up. I’m priceless.

Anyway, the point is, don’t believe everything you hear. The only trustworthy voice is that of God. While everyone else is telling me, “You don’t play soccer? That’s really sad”, I’m like “Yeah, and so is 3,111,729,000 people who’ve never heard the gospel.” *** Ok, I may never actually quote those stats (but aren’t they staggering?!), but I do get pretty indignant. Who cares? I could talk about how illiterate you are, or how awful you are at clapping in rhythm to a song.

After I get angry, though, I usually get worried. Am I stupid because I don’t like running around on a field, chasing a ball? It sometimes takes me a little while to remember—

I. Am. Priceless.

God gave me the skills he did not because he wanted me to be embarrassed. He gave me those skills because they are the exact skills I need! Though I still encounter sports fanatics who think I’m a queer oddity for not caring about lacrosse, I made it a point to surround myself with Christian friends who might not always have the same interests as me, but they do hold the same views as me—that is, God gives different people different skills because not everyone can be Tim Tebow.

(He’s pretty cool, by the way.)

Now, if only we could convince the rest of the world of this. I guess that’s where you come in, eh? Accept that God made you this way. Accept that it’s ok if you’re not good at something. And try to show other people this truth. Help them see what they can do, and help them ignore those who point out what they can’t.

Post and photo by Tabitha

peanuts I got skills
*Not everyone. But yeah…it’s definitely out there. I’ve definitely experienced it. How did we get so sports focused?! Anyway…….

**That was Tabitha sarcasm.  I have no idea what I mean by it.

***According to


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