Jaden’s Review of Priceless

Let me tell you about this amazing movie that Tabitha and I watched. Yes, we may have freaked out about it just a little last week…. But it was worth it.

The relationships that James (the main character) builds throughout the film are heart warming, and show what true family and friends are.

The love for Jesus is shown amazingly and portrayed wonderfully and beautifully.

The acting was amazing. The young woman* who played the lead was an extremely talented actress, and I hope to see her in future films.

The whole message was amazing to finally see and experience.

I did tear up a tad, but it was because of an emotional part.  I still highly recommend the movie.

Go see the movie! It is so worth it, and bring some of your girl friends along. (And guy friends too.)

See you in two weeks!


*Bianca Santos



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