Tabitha’s Review of Priceless

While I’m sure that secular critics and true movie snobs probably rolled their eyes at Priceless, For King and Country’s indie movie, I think it hit the spot. It elaborated on their Priceless movement and made it very real, which, I believe, was one of the goals of the movie.  It accomplished everything it needed to do without cussing or showing too much skin.

Being a writer, I tend to focus more on the plot line and characters of a movie than the camera work, acting, etc.  I thought the story was great.  The characters were a bit thin at times, but seriously–Joel Smallbone was the lead role (James).  He did very well.  (Honestly, I was surprised…I had no idea he could act that well.)  Bianca Santos was also good as Antonia.  There were several truly suspenseful moments, a few cheesy lines, and several times when you had to cry.  Overall, it’s a movie that will stay with you long after you leave the theater–for good reasons.

The movie remake of “Priceless” (the song) is absolutely haunting.  It’s featured in this trailer.

You absolutely have to go see this movie.  It really will change you.  Try to look past the rotten tomato people and let the heart of the film be what you see.



P.S.  I got distracted during the movie because Jaden leaned over and said, “Wow, Joel’s nose is so pointy!”  From that point on it was all I could see when I looked at him.  Thanks Jaden.


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