Questioning Our Faith

Is God really here with me? Am I really here with Him? Am I right with God? How can I be right with God when I’m a sinner?

Have you thought any of the above questions before?

It’s okay. We all do. It’s called questioning out faith.

It makes us stronger, and it draws us closer to Him when we find the answers.  It even enables us to help others find answers.

Think about this. Let’s say you had this friend _______(insert name here). Think of how you met each other.

Would you be friends if one of you didn’t ask a question? (“So what’s your name?”) Or maybe you started out with a compliment (“Oh I like your shirt!”).

That’s what we can do when we pray. God made everything around us, and we should compliment His world.

But in order for us to step out and say something to a stranger, we need to basically dare ourselves. The same goes with our Heavenly Father. We need to have faith that is daring so we can trust Him with our questions.

And sometimes we don’t get the answers we hoped for. Or maybe it seems like we don’t get answers at all. Or sometimes we need to just take a step back, and then look for the answer.

We need to seek Him when we ask for something.


OBLIGATORY NOTE FROM TABITHA: I agree!  If you don’t ask questions about faith, you will never get answers.  If I had never asked questions, I would have never gotten so into apologetics (defending your faith logically).  I would have never gotten anything out of my trips to the Creation Museum (  I would have never felt comfortable answering others’ questions.  So ask questions, study the logic, and repeat!  You will feel more confident as a Christian if you do.




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