Perfect (remix!)

NOTE FROM TABITHA: Hey WordPressers.  Somehow this week I managed to COMPLETELY forget about this blog.  Then, when I remembered its existence, I managed to convince myself that it was jaden’s turn to post.  Then, when I checked, I realized a) We have a blog, b) I have to write this week’s post, and c) Whoops.

So I’m re-posting this old post.  Oh well.  You’ll just have to sit tight till next week.

“Practice makes perfect, but we’re not perfect so why do we practice?” This was spoken by the 6th-grade Sunday school class nerd. He looked around, receiving eye rolls. I didn’t say anything, but wondered at his statement and tried to think through it logically. We’re not perfect. That’s true. Practice doesn’t make perfect because it is impossible to be perfect. But if we don’t practice then we’re even farther from perfect than we were before. So it’s still good and necessary to practice. That was the conclusion I came to.


(((You know what, reader, thank you. I take that as a compliment.)))

Anyway….I’m going to tell you another story, and it doesn’t involve 6th grade Sunday school classes or nerds or snarky quotes.

Once upon a time, before there was even time to begin with, there was a Spirit. It moved across the face of the waters–for at that time there was no earth, no people, no animals. Just water.

Long story short, the Spirit decided to change that. The Spirit created everything out of nothing. Every day he made something new, and every day he said, “It is good.” Because everything the spirit made was (wait for it!) perfect.

On the last day of creation, the Spirit went out on a limb and created something even better than all his other perfect creations. (I know, it’s hard to imagine something that’s even better than perfect, but…just bear with me here.) On this last day of creation, the Spirit took dust from the ground and formed it into a perfect shape. Already the Spirit dearly loved his creation. But one thing was missing.

So he breathed the breath of life into his creation, the very life energy that made him, the life of the Spirit himself. His image.

This he called man.

Another long story short, the Spirit created a perfect helper for man. Man called her woman, and together they lived in absolute perfection, in the garden of Eden–literally translated, the garden of delight. Meaning that everything was perfect. We in our sinful fallen world cannot imagine such complete perfection. We don’t know what it’s like. We probably wouldn’t even know how to act if we came across something truly perfect. (And I don’t mean that shirt–it looks good on you, but not perfect. Sorry.)

You probably know the rest of the story.* The man and the woman disobeyed the Spirit. He kicked them out of the perfect garden. They were forced to work a cursed ground just to stay alive.

We’ve come a long way since then. But you still need only look around (or, better yet, turn on the news!) to see that the world is no longer perfect. The earth is still cursed and highly imperfect. We strive for perfection because we can see beauty and evidence of design all around us, and we feel deep within ourselves that we were destined for something better. Something more…perfect.

After we have heard and responded to the gospel, we recognise what is lost in our imperfect world. We can recover and pursue God’s original design for our lives and for the world. And guess what? Someday we’ll go to heaven–an absolutely PERFECT place. A million zillion times better than the Bahamas. A gazillion times better than Hawaii. A truly perfect place. No more tears. No more pain. No more sadness. Forever worshipping God–the perfect One. THIS was God’s original design for a perfect earth. And then we as humans screwed it up. But the hope is that those who believe in God can go back to that perfect place (heaven). And at the end of time, the old earth will pass away, and a new, perfect heaven and earth will take its place.

Just imagine! We can attain perfection even though we sin and fall short of the glory of God!** Despite our stupidity and wretchedness, God had a plan.

(He ALWAYS does!!!! But that’s a blog post for another day. Maybe next week? Heh heh heh…*evil laugh*)

And that plan is for us to STILL gain perfection one day in heaven.

Are you excited?

I am!

See you there!

You are priceless!


*If not, read Genesis 1-3 for the full story–including the unhappy ending. **spoiler alert** –> Abel dies.

**Romans 3:23

PS Jaden is in Peru on a mission trip so I will be doing next week’s blog post too. Any suggestions? If not I’ll do “Plan” 😊.

PPS One resource I used in creating this post is an amazing app called Life On Mission. It’s a way to share the gospel no matter where you are, using a quick and simple explanation and solid biblical truths. It was developed by the North American Mission Board; download it from the App Store or google play store or go to to learn more.

Post by Tabitha 


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