Mountains to Valleys

I just came back from a youth camp yesterday. It was from Friday through Monday, and it was simply amazing.

The theme was Mountain to Valley.

If you’ve ever been to a church camp, a good youth group, heard a great speaker, or been to church, you have probably gotten a “church high.” We called those Mountains.

When it comes to the opposite, the same thing applies. Maybe it’s two days after that retreat, the middle of the week and you’re starting to forget what they talked about at church or youth, we called those Valleys. There was this song that we sang–conveniently named “Mountain to Valley.”

The chorus goes like this:

From the Mountain to the valley

From the desert to the raging sea.

In the silence of the city streets,

Lord your presence always covers me.

How true is that?

Even if we don’t realize that He is with us in the valley, His presence is ALWAYS there.

We don’t have to leave the mountain. If we are forever tied to Him through accepting Christ, sure we are still human, and sure life gets really hard sometimes, we are never too far gone for God to hold us in his presence.


NOTE FROM TABITHA: Ironically, I also got back from a youth trip this weekend.  Mine was to YEC (Youth Evangelism Conference) in Virginia Beach.  From this, Jaden and I ended up having a conversation about “spiritual highs” and how to keep them going.  🙂  For a recap of my youth trip, check out my blog at  And my YouTube channel, gsus luvs u.  **that was a shameless plug**

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