Hey everyone.  Tabitha here.  I know I just wrote the post last week and you’re probably sick of me (“WHERE’S JADEN?”  “She’s coming, she’s coming”).  But Jaden has had a LOT going on recently, so don’t be too hard on her.  Also please keep her family in your prayers.  Thanks!!

So now I have to do something to entertain you.  You know, I was supposed to write this post, like, last week, but I got stuck watching YouTube and writing for my blog and writing for school.  (Mostly watching YouTube though.  Let’s be real.)


We published this post (“Beautiful”) on January 11, 2016.  That’s basically a year ago.  I wrote it because Jaden was scared.  (No just kidding she just wanted me to go first.)

Since then, we’ve accumulated 28 wonderful followers (hopefully more soon!) and…lots of likes.  I don’t have time to count.  My point is, thank you very, very much if you’ve followed, liked, commented, or shared.  Keep it up.

My other (more important) point is, you’re beautiful!  Let’s re-read our very first post and discover why……

Are all girls created equal?

God created all girls.  So yes.

Every girl is different.  Every girl has different opinions, thoughts, personalities, abilities, feelings, ways of showing those feelings, favorite band, aspirations, dreams…but one thing that binds all girls together (besides their girl-ness) is how God feels about them.  No matter how they feel about themselves, or even how others feel about them, God says, “You’re beautiful.”  No matter how YOU feel about yourself, or how others feel about YOU, God loves to see a beautiful smile light up your face.  He says, “You’re beautiful.  You’re priceless.”  Yes, that applies to YOU.  Yes, God loves to see you laugh.  He gets a thrill when you pray to Him.  And He absolutely positively thinks you are beautiful.  And His opinion should matter more than others’.  After all, He made you.

Girls.  HE MADE YOU.  He made you YOU.  So stop trying to be like that one perfect person you know.  God made you you so that’s who you should be.

“You’re beautiful,” says God.  After He made you, He said to His angels, “Isn’t she beautiful???!!!!!” Then He answered His own question.  “Yes, she’s beautiful.  No, she’s priceless!!!!!!!!!!!!!”

God’s feelings for you haven’t changed.  “Yep,” He says, watching you laugh at your best friend’s jokes.  “Yep,” He says, watching you realize how much He loves you.  “Yep, that’s my girl.  That’s my beautiful girl.”


All I can say to you is, thank you.  I love you.  God loves you.  You are beautiful and you are strong and you can get through it.

Post(s) and photo by Tabitha


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