Freedom In Christ

“Now the Lord is the Spirit and where the Spirit of the Lord is, there is freedom.”   2 Corinthians 3:17

Go back and read that verse again.

Does it ever feel like you have chains?

Like you’re weighed down by everything in your life and nothing is possibly going right?

Congrats. You are what I like to call Human.

Now, what you are going through might be different. For instance, you might be 29 and looking for a job to pay for college, or maybe you’re 12 and worrying about school, or maybe you’re 17 and your friend is going through a tough break up.

Or maybe you’re 16 and wondering about your faith.

<<If you are you should totally look back to our post Questioning our Faith.  Ha! I know  I know. I’ll get back to the post now Tabitha.>>

The point is, we are all going through something.

You should never feel alone, because you never are.

Jesus is always with you, and no matter what you’re going through there is FREEDOM in him.

I know I know, short post.

But this is the important thing:

There is FREEDOM in Jesus. 

Read that again.

Do it.

I know you’re not doing it.

Go read it again.

THAT is one of the most important things to know ever.

Alright well, it’s been fun! It’s been real!

Bye guys!!




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