Let’s get to know each other!

Yup. This is it. The post where we finally admit we are bloggers after all! So I have recently noticed that I don’t know y’all vary well, and vise versa.

So here’s some facts about me and Tabitha for you!

What is your age/grade?
Tabitha: I’m 15, getting my learner’s permit in a month, and in 9th grade.
Jaden: welp I am turning 15 in two weeks!!! ^so close!^ but for the moment I am 14. I’m starting High School, so technically I’d be in 9th grade.

Why did you want to start this blog?
Tabitha: I’ve struggled with self-worth. I’ve always been (in my mind) too skinny, too tall, not into the right stuff, too geeky, too ugly. As Jaden was telling me her story (below), she mentioned a song we both love, “Priceless” by For King and Country. The theme of the song is that you are beautiful to God and your life has value. That is the message that changed our lives, so that’s what we named the blog.
Jaden: So I am not a “normal” girl. At all. Ever.
I have this somewhat low self esteem, and I used to put myself down a lot. I struggled a lot too, because I’m built differently than other girls my age. (They’re tall, I’m 5′. They’re skinny, Im built like a pear, most girls had long naturally flowing hair, I’ve had the pixie cuts most my life, that kind of thing.) I really struggled with realizing that I’m beautiful BECAUSE of my differences, and I don’t want anybody –girls or guys– to feel that way.

What do you want to do?
Tabitha: Great question……what DO I want to do?? It’s my dream to play piano in a rock band (stop judging). Music is my passion, but so are words, and I’d also love to write or do standup. So yeah I dunno.
Jaden: I want to be a performance singer/songwriter and do theatre for fun!

Who inspires you?
Tabitha: JADEN WAS/IS OBSESSED WITH AMELIA EARHART. Anyway, I’ve looked up to my piano teacher and youth leader for a really long time. They really inspire me.
Jaden: okay growing up, I absolutely LOVED Amelia Earhart. She was one of the first women in history besides in the Bible I really knew about, and she dared to do things that everyone only dreamed about!! But even though she still inspires me, I’d say my friends support me and inspire me the most!

What’s your favorite Bible verse?

Tabitha: Psalm 119. And 2 Corinthians 5:13–“For if we are out of our mind, it is for God; if we have a sound mind, it is for you.” And the whole book of James.
Jaden: I really love Psalm 100. It shows what we need to do as Bible believers and what I live so much-music!

Well that’s all we’ve got for today. From our hearts to yours, have a blessed week! You are priceless!

Until next time,
-Jaden ❤❤❤ (and Tabitha)

NOTE FROM TABITHA: I wanna get to know you guys too! You wanna chat sometime? Email me at quarternote6098@gmail.com, leave us a comment, or tweet me @gsusluvsu_. I can’t promise we have the answers to everything, but I’d love to talk to y’all and hear your stories. Please. (I’m bored.)


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