Who Do You Find Your Worth In? Part 2

Why is it we care more about how many likes we get on social media than what the God who created us thinks about us? Big truth here: it doesn’t matter how many followers you have. Hitler had millions, Jesus had twelve.

Why is it that we look to the world to get “approval”?

Well, here are my thoughts on this. We look to the world because we can see those people. In Sunday school we’re taught that God loves us. We pass it down like a story. After a while, we grow up and we stop believing in fairy tales–and that’s what the Bible feels like sometimes.  Even if we go to church every week and believe in God and Jesus, this happens far too often.

So we look towards the world because popular vote matters to us. We all want to be the “next best thing” in society.

Friends. Listen to this. All that feels good, yes, but what gets us further?  Getting likes on Instagram, or having a relationship with your Creator?

I’ve struggled with this for a long time, not with social media, but my friendships.  I was seeking my friends’ approval, and not my Heavenly Father’s.

Think about that this week. Don’t seek the approval of the world. Seek God.

Have a priceless week!
-Jaden ❤

Post by Jaden.  Photo by Tabitha.  To read the prequel (last week’s post), click here.


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