Who Is My Neighbor?

How many times have we heard the whole “love your neighbor” thing? It IS important, and it’s true!! We need to.

In fact, my home church just  finished a series on this topic.

Let’s get a little bit of background info on this story, shall we?

So Jesus (the Son of God) was being tested by the Pharisees and some Herodians.  They were trying to Jesus in His speech because they didn’t agree with or believe in what He was teaching.

In Mark 12:38, one of the scribes came up to Jesus and asked what the greatest commandment was (referring to the ten commandments).

Jesus answered, “You shall love the Lord your God with all your heart, soul, mind, and strength. The second is this: you shall love your neighbor as yourself.”

Often times we think the term ‘neighbor’ is anyone in the world.  We apply this verse to mean that our neighbor is any person we come in contact with.  (Because that is the biblical application–an acquaintance.)

But what if it meant the real people who actually live next door to us?

Think about this.

How often do you actually talk with your neighbors?

Are you on good terms with them?

Do you even know their names?

I want to challenge you this week. Reach out to your neighbors, give them cookies or whatever, but be like Jesus to these people.

Thanks! Have a blessed week!


-Jaden ❤


Post by Jaden.  Photo from Pexels.com


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