Finding Time for Devotions

Hey y’all, so I have an interesting problem.  I can’t say no to people.  Now let me explain.

If someone asks me to do something (babysit their kids, watch their dog, pay for their lunch etc.), generally, I will do it.  (The only exception is when it’s breaking a rule or something.)

Because of this, I often don’t have a lot of extra time on my hands. So it’s kind of hard to find time for my devotions.

I’m not saying that school or work is more important than a relationship with my Heavenly Father.

What I am saying is that finding this time is important.

Now I have worked out (thanks to the YouVersion app) a few Bible reading plans I am doing in the morning.  This may not work for everyone, but it works for me.  So I greatly encourage all of you out there to find a time to be in God’s Word, because it will totally change you.  Whenever I’ve had my Bible readings consistently, I find myself being happier and showing God more.

Comment below when you do your Bible reading!

Post by Jaden


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