A Very Big Announcement (must read not clickbait)

We’ve had this blog for over a year.  On January 16, 2016, we posted our first article: Beautiful.  We faithfully posted once a week, every Monday.  We waited for God to grow the blog.  We had a vision and a plan.  We were (still are) passionate about the subject.  We were inspired by For King and Country’s song, Priceless.  We wanted to change lives the way our lives had been changed.

We’ve been blessed with 40 followers.  They’re not as active as we’d like, which really frustrates us sometimes, but as long as someone is reading our posts we’re happy.

But a couple days ago, the thought popped into my head.  “We should quit the Priceless blog.”

Where the heck did that thought come from? I wondered.  But I kept thinking about it.

Life has been crazy for both of us this past year.  Through anxiety, school, work, church, etc., we tried to keep posting.  And I know that my faith has grown.  So why do I want to quit?  I don’t even understand myself.

There’s no telling what this coming year may hold for the two of us or for you.  With our hectic schedules and new responsibilities, we won’t be able to post like we used to.  We’re not going to delete the site, so it’ll still be up anytime you want to look at it.  We’ll still check our notifications.  But we won’t be writing a new post every week.  We just want to take a break for a while.

To everyone who’s read this blog, especially those who have been impacted, we do this for you.  Thank you from the bottom of our hearts.  Contact us if you want to share your story (we would love that!).  Stay alive.  You are beautiful.  You are enough.  You are priceless.

–post and photo by Tabitha


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