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Hi, I’m Tabitha. Yup, my name is Tabitha. With an ‘I’ not an ‘a’. Yup. See, one of my best friends, Jaden, is writing this right now. (Hi guys!) so… I’m a Whovian. Well, Tabitha is. So am I–but right now we’re talking about Tabitha.

She has managed to stay alive on this cool planet for 14 years and counting. She likes chocolate and practically anything involving Doctor Who, Harry Potter and books. Lots and lots of books. She. Loves. Books. She also loves her guitar and piano. She can also play practically ANY children’s instrument. Yup.

She is also one of the strongest Christians I know, and I am delighted to tell you that she is also one the most crazy weirdest people that I know. There ya go. That’s Tabitha for you!!!! πŸ˜‡

Hi, I’m Jaden. Yep, my name is Jaden (not YAY-den, JA-den). See, one of my best friends, Tabitha, is writing this right now. She’s a Whovian. So am I–but we’re talking about Jaden right now.

She’s fourteen and she likes tacos and Mexican and Chinese and Doctor Who and British things and books! Lots and lots of books! And her guitar, and her pick, and her capo. (E minor and G are her favourite chords.)

Jaden is one of the coolest girls and strongest Christians I know, and she’s awesomely awesome and awesomely WEIRD.
We’ve been great friends since we were, like, 8 or 9 (we can’t agree on exactly when we met) and we used to be neighbors. Sort of. Anyway, we’re both homeschooled and we both love God. And we’ll be posting something about Him and how priceless He says you are once a week. Β πŸ˜„πŸ˜„πŸ˜„πŸ˜„πŸ˜„πŸ˜„πŸ˜„

Jaden is the one in the beanie. Tabitha is the one who wasn’t expecting Jaden to take a picture.